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History Of Tea

The Discovery of tea is accredited to the 2nd emperor of China, Shen Nung. He was relaxing and enjoying a cup of water under a tree when a couple of tea leaves just happen to fall into his cup. He noted that his water had taken on a slightly different taste. It was a delightful accident.  I wonder if the emperor looked up and said “This must be a tea tree.”

The Chinese dictionary now lists tea as Kuang Ya and the “proper” steps for it’s preparation are put forth. Pretty cool huh?

The great Chinese scholar Lu Yu writes the first book of tea – Ch’a Ching which tells the reader everything they ever wanted and or needed to know about tea including history, cultivation and preparation.

The Chinese government must have heard a little “Cha Ching” as well as it began imposing a tea tax.

Europe first learns about this drink called “cha”. Soon after Catholic priests spreading the gospel in China speak of its medicinal value. I wonder what the Chinese thought about the priests and their gospel. It takes about 75 years for tea to really take off as a fashionable drink but after the England East India company introduce tea to the King and Queen – and it’s a hit – then convince them to ban the Dutch from importing tea thus creating a monopoly it’s off to the races. A bit later Great Britain captured New Amsterdam from the Dutch, renamed it it New York and thus is how American’s were tea drinkers long before they were coffee drinkers. Wow the Dutch got ripped off!

Tea is by far the most popular drink in the colonies. The British impose a tax on all tea imported to the colonies. Oops!

Tea becomes the most popular drink in the colonies. Britain proposes at tax on colonies tea imports. Oops!

Iced tea is introduced at the St. Louis Worlds Fair. It does get warm in St. Louis in the summer.

The tea bag is invented – by mistake when a New York tea importer, Thomas Sullivan sends tea to clients in small silk bags. Instead of removing the loose leaf tea they steep the bags whole. I bet they felt silly. I bet he felt wealthy!

Our Home Tea L.L.C. is created with a simple motto. “Good friends sharing good teas.” We are busy people in busy times. I want to reintroduce Americans to the delicious experience of tasting premium loose leaf teas from around the world as well as the warmth of sharing them with friends and family.


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