Yerba Mate Organic


  • Slightly roasted, smooth Yerba Mate.
  • High caffeine level.
  • Steep 2 heaping tablespoons at 170° for 3-5 minutes. * See description for steeping discussion.
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This is excellent — tasty and invigorating. Many versions of  Yerba Mate – a relative of the holly plant – are toasted/roasted a bit more, this greener version is quite delicious, smoother, maybe a little friendlier for the average green tea drinker as well. If you like green tisanes in general, this is the perfect to expand your horizons — you’ll find some familiar flavor notes comparable to your favorite greens, but then Yerba Mate definitely dances away with a flavor all its own. From the initial aroma to the very mild aftertaste, which has just a hint of spearmint.

* I see guidance all over the place regarding steeping temperatures of Yerba Mate. I have seen temperature guidance from 160° to boiling. I did a taste test myself and when I used boiling water on this Yerba Mate I definitely noticed a hint of unflattering tannin’s. When steeping at 170° degrees I was very pleased with the taste – I am not a big Yerba Mate drinker so you can do your own exploring! Also because of the fineness of the leaves I recommend using a tea bag to filter/steep this Yerba Mate.


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