Trump Tea


  • Sweet, floral flavor. Slight aroma of… Something, but not real sure what.
  • An ode to a President we will not soon forget…
  • Steep 2 heaping tablespoons. Be sure they are way full of it! at 212° for 5-10 minutes.
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This Trump tea maybe is the most perfect tea that has probably ever been grown anywhere ever in the history of tea. The FAKE TEA tasters and sommeliers will say it is not true but I know more than anyone else about this, they just are not very smart. They should be let go. Their failing. People can’t believe I know so much about this stuff. Their amazed.

Not since the original tea party have we had a more perfect occasion to celebrate soaking plants in water and drinking it! Truly a toast befitting The Royals is in order! I present Trump tea. Perhaps an acquired taste nonetheless a taste for the ages…

You will enjoy this one and will probably, may be the best cup of tea you have ever tasted. I may change my mind tomorrow but this offering is a wonderful WHITE tea. It’s just the greatest WHITE tea you will ever have. It’s called Chamomile tea. A wonderful white tea.

In the mean time you may want to try an Evening in Missoula

If you enjoy this one please come back for the Obama tea which will be coming soon!

From the owner of Our Home Tea L.L.C: So in these times of intense feelings let’s have a little bit of levity. We hope that the President will be successful during this crisis beyond our wildest dreams and wish health for him and his family. And yes I know that Chamomile is not a white tea…



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