Pu-erh Organic Black Tea


  • Wonderful full nose. Rich, smooth, earthy leaning taste
  • High caffeine level.
  • Steep 1 teaspoon at 205° for various periods. *

* See description below for steeping Pu-erh

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Pu-erh is becoming more and more popular and this is a loose leaf Pu-Erh that you can give a taste. This is more mild than some Pu-erh but you will still notice the earthy taste. Many people like the second and third steep better than the first. Better have a friend test this one with you. Pu-erh may be an acquired taste as often Pu-erhs do have an earthy taste that is unique but I invite you to explore the plethora of Pu-erhs out there. This is a good one to star your journey.

*It is strongly suggested with this Pu-erh that you first “wash” the tea. Starting with 1 teaspoon of tea, heat your water to 212 degrees and steep the leaves for 4 or 5 seconds. Some proficients suggest rinsing or washing twice. Once you have done this go ahead and pour 200° water over the leaves and I suggest steep for just 1 minute. From there you can explore on your own with temps and times. You can get several steeps from this tea. Some Pu-erh lovers use boiling water, others say the few degrees in water temperature can really change those earthy notes that Pu-erh is known for.   Then again I see some tea sellers saying steep this at 212° for 3 to 5 minutes. That would be a very western way to enjoy this tea. I think with Pu-erh I would rather go the long way around and enjoy the ride exploring the unique profiles of each steeping.

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