House Oolong Tea


  • Unique, rich, complex. hint of floral sweetness. Honeysuckle.
  • Low caffeine.
  • Steep 1 tablespoon between 180° and 195° for 3-5 minutes.


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The House Oolong is a great stop for tea explorers. This another Huang Jin Gui varietal from Anxi county in the Fujian Province of China – a great place for Chinese Oolong growing. It is noted to be a bit greener when compared to many Oolongs. This is a wonderful example of what is meant by Oolong “sweetness” and has the stability and versatility to be steeped several times at various temperatures – of course we NEVER suggest pour boiling water on Oolong leaves however I see steeping guidelines all over the place that say “heat water to boiling”. Perhaps this is a good visiting blogger topic. I suggest playing around with the steeping times and enjoy the different  mouth feels and tastes with each steeping.

House Oolong Tea. Oolong tea is “oxidized” less than black tea and more than green tea or white teas. In fact all tea comes from the Camilia Sinensus plant. It is the processing that determines if a tea will be black, oolong, green, white etc…


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