Formosa Pouchong Oolong Tea


  • Floral aroma. Fresh, clean finish.
  • Medium caffeine level.
  • Steep 1 tablespoon at 195° for 2-3 minutes.
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Formosa Pouchong Oolong Tea. Also known by the name Bao Zhong is a very high quality Oolong but a great value if you are an Oolong tea explorer. Taiwan is known for fine Oolongs and this is a great example. If you have two friends over to the house and one friend likes green tea and another prefers oolong then give them each a cup of this Formosa Pouchong Oolong, loose leaf ea. It is refreshing and light. Your oolong and green tea drinking friends will almost always agree this is a delicious cup!!!

This is also a very fine quality Taiwanese Oolong which holds up well to steeping multiple times so have a blast and experiment with 1 or 2 minutes steep times and let me know what you did.

This is a wonderful Formosa Tea. Actually, this is a fantastic Formosa, or as the Portuguese explorers called it “beautiful island” Pouchong. In fact this tea may make you all giggly and happy and there is a chance you and your  oolong tea friends will rush outside, lay in the grass and watch light fluffy clouds pass in front of a bright deep blue sky!!!  Or something….

If you are an experienced Oolong drinker or just starting out tasting Oolongs I want you to enjoy this classic staple Oolong. Ti Kuan Yin, also known by the name “Iron Goddess of Mercy”.  You experience a greater outlook on life. Or just experience the enjoyment of a nice cup of tea.

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