Earl Grey Bravo Black Tea


  • Citrus aroma. Fresh, sweet, hint of orange to taste.
  • High caffeine level.
  • Steep 1 teaspoon at 212° for 2-3 minutes.

Contains: Black tea, orange peels, blue cornflowers, bergamot flavoring.

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Earl Grey Bravo black tea is one of the most popular flavored black teas in the world. This is the popular and familiar Early Grey with a slight flavor twist – orange rind. Yes – orange rind. This blend is a black tea from Sri Lanka with Oil Of Bergamot – a citrus fruit with blue flowers. Here is a fun little story you can tell your friends.

It is said that in 1830, an Englishman named Charles Earl Grey traveled on a diplomatic mission to China, where in return for his act of kindness, a local Mandarin presented him with the recipe for making this distinctive tea.

To the above “story” of Sir Charles Earl Grey and his gift of tea I think a couple of corrections are in order. First, the Chinese have never favored black tea over green, so if they were going to give a gift it would probably be something dear to them so they were unlikely to have a recipe for Earl Grey to bestow upon visitors. Secondly, Charles Earl Grey never set foot in China. Otherwise, the story is completely true!

Earl Grey Bravo black tea would not be possible were it not for bergamot. So, now to bergamot. Beramot is a unique blue flowered citrus with a particular taste and aroma. The folks at Britannica provide answers before the questions regarding bergamot.

If you would like to try another tea similar to this Earl Grey I am sorry but I am not sure – because of the bergamot – that one exists. But I’d like you to try our Organic Earl Grey. Bye both and compare.

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