Casablanca Twist Blended Green Tea


  • Peppermint forward aroma. Smooth peppermint taste.
  • Medium caffeine level.
  • Steep 1 teaspoon at 180° for 2 minutes.

Contains: Black tea, peppermint.

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Casablanca Twist blended green tea is inspired by the Moroccan tea which is a blend of Gunpowder tea and peppermint. The Casablanca Twist is a blend of mint and a delicious tea from the Sungma estate located in Darjeeling, India. Many tea explorers think of Darjeeling teas as the “Champagne” region of teas.

This Casablanca Twist blended green tea is one that I purchase from the fine folks at Adagio . Because from my point of view they are one of the best tea companies in the country. So I have been in partnership with Adagio for years and I am pleased to mention them. They are much, much bigger! And very helpful too.

The blend is delightful. The blended tea is a great summer drink as well as a delicious warming winter drink. With the Sungma summer tea providing a bolder flavor infused with a wonderful peppermint makes for a cool and fresh whisper across a tea explorers lips and tongue. All the way down to one’s tummy tum-tum! So enjoy in a summer breeze or by a warm winter fire.

If you find that you enjoy this Casablanca Twist I would invite you to explore some more. May I recommend Lemon Grass Herbal Tea ?

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