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Tea Explorers

Free Tea!!! —– Free Tea!!! —– Free Tea!!!

Our Home Tea L.L.C. invites you to try our tea for free.

At Our Home Tea we are all about “Good friends sharing good tea”. Whether you are a tea “connoisseur”, or just getting started in your delicious exploration of teas from around the world, what better way is there to enjoy this wonderful elixir than with good friends and  family? Even better, how about inviting friends and family to share FREE Tea?

Our Home Tea is a new, small, fun, and cute little tea company and we do not yet have the big budget for commercials and expensive marketing ploys, but we do have wonderful teas and herbals purchased and mixed by some of the best in the business. They are also all very cute and maybe some of the wisest people one could ever meet!!! Or not.

We would like to announce that for an undetermined amount of time – or until we run out of tea or shipping labels – we invite you to sign up for our monthly online newsletter and enjoy some tea, for free!!!
Really, it’s on us. And now the catch. You have to live in the U.S. to get the free tea. International Shipping Rates. Ugh!

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…And now for the small print.
(We wanted to be like a big company and they always have disclaimers or loop holes other legal speak at the bottom of their advertisements. The only legal speak we have is that we really hope you enjoy our tea because we are doing this promotion to get you to sign up for our newsletter and to come back and purchase tea from us. Oh yes, the free tea offer is for a limited time and upon sign up, we will send to you 3 sample packets of our choice. The packets are like those on this web site. Thank you. Oh yeah, the tea will not be delivered in a box as big as the one in the picture at the top of the page! Bye now.)

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