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The New Tea Lover’s Treasury

The New Tea Lover’s Treasury


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Tea Explorers

“This is primarily a book on the story of tea. The history is fascinating and invaluable to the avid tea drinker. More than half the book Pratt dedicates to tea history. Here, I love his eye for the little things that count.
The author describes the various teas throughout the world. More than just a list, rather a detailed look at the regions that produce them, the technique and conditions that impart their unique characteristics.
Part three concludes with the author’s own advice on tea preparation, and a consise but adequate discourse on tea ritual.
After reading this book my respect and adoration for tea skyrocketed yet again (see “The Tea Lover’s Companion”). Most importantly, my enjoyment of tea drinking has increased after reading this book. That alone makes this book priceless.” – Jason M. Banaszak, reviewer.


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