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Snowbud White Tea
Snowbud White Tea

Snowbud White Tea


Steeping Temperature: 175° – 180° F
Steeping Time: 3 – 6 Min.

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Product Description

Tea Explorers

 Snowbud White Tea

White tea from the Fujian province of China. Snowbud as its name implies is an airy, light tea. And yields a cup worthy of its name: it is effervescent and graceful, with delicate, clean aroma. Snowbud is comprised exclusively of unprocessed leaves and buds, all gathered and dried in the early days of spring. Of all the teas we offer, our “Snowbud Finale” is the lightest one. If you enjoy the subtle, gentle taste of white tea, we hope you’ll give this one a try.

“So many questions when I first peered at this selection. Having never tried one before, I wondered what makes a white tea “white”? I wondered if I’d like it. But mostly I wondered about the advice on the label to “get a fun book to enjoy with this one.” I take my tea guru’s advice seriously, and this created some challenges for me. First, I don’t have as much time to read books as I once did. Second, the books I DO read — well, it may be a stretch to describe them as “fun”. So, I held off trying this for a couple weeks waiting for an afternoon or evening that I had time to read and was inclined to read something more fun than usual. I’m not sure I succeeded in the latter because what I ended up reading with my white tea was an anthology called “The Black Poets.” It’s a great collection, but there is, understandably, a lot in there that is not exactly fun. On the other hand, it is kinda fun to reflect that white-tea-with-black-poetry counter-balances the many times I’ve had black-tea-with-white-poetry, and also green-tea-with-Asian-poetry. Right — let’s get to the tea. The label description of “light and airy” says it pretty succinctly. The flavor here is very subtle — ultimately too subtle for me, even when I tried oversteeping on my second cup. Of course, looking at it from another angle, that makes this tea incredibly drinkable, so even folks who don’t usually like the stronger flavor of a green or black tea could still get the health benefits of drinking tea. It also means this tea can be a nice, quiet partner with whatever you might be eating — and a willing collaborator with outside flavoring, like honey, or I sorta enjoyed a cup with cinnamon sprinkled into it. Since this was my first white tea, I’ll be curious to see how other varieties compare.”

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