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Drum Mountain White Cloud Tea
Drum Mountain White Cloud Tea

Drum Mountain White Cloud Tea


Steeping Temperature: 180° – 190° F
Steeping Teim: 4 – 6 Min.

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Product Description

Tea Explorers

Drum Mountain White Cloud Tea

This is a very low caffeine White tea. It is grown in the mountain tops of the Drum Mountains. Buddhist monks grew tea here for centuries. If you want to share with friends and family a sweet and aromatic tea invite them for this one. Because of the low caffeine it is a good “goodnight” tea as well.

“Aha! I “get” the second white I’ve ever tried much better than the first. This is still a very subtle, lightly flavored tea, but the flavor notes (and aroma) are much more present. I’d agree with your description — it has a very nice, fresh fragrance and “just a hint of nuts.” Some of my favorite people can also be described this way. Part of what I like about this tea is that it has some of the same complexity, and even the same type of flavor, that I tend to love in a robust green tea — it’s just that here that complexity/flavor is quieter. Good one — very nice to drink!” – So says The Pittsburgh “Don”

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