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Honeybush Organic Tea
Honeybush Organic Tea

Honeybush Organic Tea


Steeping Temperature: 212° F
Steeping Time: 5 Min.

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Product Description

Tea Explorers

Honeybush Organic Tisane / Tea

Have you ever tried mixing the citrus flavor of Florida oranges and Honeybush? Well this provides a wonderful chance to try Honeybush for the first time then try some Honeybush Tea for the second time and a third time. We think you will like this one.

Pittsburgh Don says. “Wow. Yum. Very nice blend.  I’m consistently impressed by how well your flavored and blended teas are balanced. The different flavors complement each other rather than competing — you always respect the base tea and never overdo any one flavor. Anyway, this one goes above and beyond even your usual high standard. I made the first cup of this one night after dinner and it was a total treat — I just felt like, okay, everything is perfect right now. I am a honeybush lover but you’ve added just enough “orange” to the mix to elevate this to a whole new level of tea-drinking experience. Absolutely one of my favorites!”

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2oz, 4oz, Sample


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