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Pi Lo Chun Green Tea
Pi Lo Chun Green Tea

Pi Lo Chun Green Tea


Steeping Temperature: 180° F
Steeping Time: 2 Min.

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Product Description

Tea Explorers

Pi Lo Chun Green Tea

Pi Lo Chun literally means “Spring Green Snail” in Chinese – ewe! But wait, there’s more for your minds eye to wrap it’s head around – if that makes any sense???  Imagine a mountain blanketed with a light mist made beautiful by lush green rows of tea plants layed out as if a large blade of a plow had overturned each with care to uncover the rich dark greenery. In between the tea bushes are planted lucsious apricot, peach and plum trees. Guess you want to order some of this wonderfully yummy, fragrant, and rare tea harvested from the Jiansu province. Hope you forgot about the “snail” stuff we mentioned earlier – Ooops! Forget we said that, but try this green tea with a friend soon. This is a pricey tea and worth every cent – then again it’s only 35 cents a cup!

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2oz, 4oz, Sample


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