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Jasmine Green Organic F/T Tea
Jasmine Green Organic F/T Tea

Jasmine Green Organic F/T Tea


Steeping Temperature: 180° F
Steeping Time: 2 – 3 Min.

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Product Description

Tea Explorers

Jasmine Green Organic F/T Tea

If you love the Jasmine flower loose leaf tea we have a Jasmine tea for you. You’ll love this one. Straight out of the bag the aroma hints at a vibrant floral bloom. This Jasmine tea is “scented” rather than “flavored” which basically means that an old Chinese art of building a flavor character is done by other means than just tossing in a flower or flavor to steep with the tea.  As the “Pittsburgh Don” said, “I drank my first cup of this on a day when temps where in the teens, skies where gray, and there were two inches of snow on the ground here in Pittsburgh, but I still felt a jolt of spring. Despite the floral volume in the aroma and initial flavor, the finish is smooth with little aftertaste. This tea also has a beautiful color — a little mid-afternoon sun shining in its red-golden tones. All that said, if you prefer a less flowery jasmine tea, I’d highly recommend Our Home Tea’s Silver Needle Jasmine.”  We could not say it any better.

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