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Ceylon Sonata Black Tea
Ceylon Sonata Black Tea

Ceylon Sonata Black Tea


Steeping Time: 4 Min.
Steeping Temperature: 212°

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Product Description

Tea Explorers

Ceylon Sonata Black Tea

Solid! Flavorful but very smooth. Just the slightest hints of something roasted and something floral. I accidentally oversteeped my second cup of this and was delighted to find that it held up perfectly — it didn’t have the bitter qualities that many black teas get if you oversteep them. Very little aftertaste (even the oversteeped version) — another plus in my book. For me, this doesn’t quite reach the heights of the Himalayan Mountain Tips Black that Our Home Tea sent me — that one was more complex, bolder, with some brighter flavor notes that I really enjoyed. But this one is right up there — a perfect everyday-drinking kinda tea.

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2oz, 4oz, Sample


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