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Tea Filters – Perfect for Cups and Tea Pots

Tea Filters – Perfect for Cups and Tea Pots


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Product Description

Tea Explorers

Enjoy loose leaf tea anywhere with these convenient and easy-to-use disposable filters by Finum, a leader in the filter industry. Keep a box of disposable tea filters at your desk, your locker, in your glove box… You get it already? O.K.  An elongated back makes filling-up easy, and requires no filter holder. Simply fold over the edge of your cup or teapot. Made in Germany of taste-neutral wood and hemp fibers. A box contains 100 filters. At Our Home Tea we feel it is important that when you make tea you taste the tea not the filter you use. That is why we offer Finum disposable tea filters. The world’s most popular tea filters. They are made of biodegradable cellulose and manila hemp – no you wont be arrested, not that kind of hemp.

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