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Tea Business in a Box

Tea Business in a Box


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Product Description

Your Tea Business in a Box

 Great, Easy Fundraiser Home Page text  Become A “Tea Explorer”

    What Qualities should one posses before getting A Tea Business in a Box? 

   Share the World of Loose Leaf TeaGroup Of Women Meeting In Cafe

   Become a part of “reintroducing American’s to tea… loos leaf tea.”        

   Have fun and make money while doing it at home.                                                            

“Americans have grown up thinking “tea” is that bag in a box stuff sold at their local grocery store – 100 bags of “tea” for $3.99.  NO! that is not “tea” That is tiny pieces of tea leaves that is often bitter to the taste. Good tea like good wine should have “depth” and like wine there are thousands of tastes to try.”

Exploring Couple 1

Step up your Tea Exploration!!!

  • Americans are realizing the myriad of delicious taste choices available to them as consumers.
  • Evidence to the health benefits of tea continue to be reported.
  • The “Tea Business in a Box” is a great low cost business to start and grow.
  • You are the boss. We will guide you all the way but you run the business how you wish.

 Enjoy experiencing special “Tea Moments” with friends.

      Mother having tea with her daughter on a white background        Child w Mom Enjoying Tea          Mom Enjoying Tea

Begin with  family and  friends. Start a Tea-venture with your “Tea Business in a Box”. We’re all about “Good Friends Sharing Good Tea” come grow with us.            

Meet your Tea Business in a Box

Have Fun, Explore, Drink Tea!

Beautiful tea plantation with a winding road in Sri Lanka



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