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Share the World of Loose Leaf Tea

Share the World of Loose Leaf Tea – Experience a world of taste!

Become a part of “reintroducing American’s to tea… loos leaf tea.” Have fun and make money while doing it at home.                                                            

“Americans have grown up thinking “tea” is that bag in a box stuff sold at their local grocery store – 100 bags of “tea” for $3.99.  NO! that is not “tea” That is tiny pieces of tea leaves that is often bitter to the taste. Good tea like good wine should have “depth” and like wine there are thousands of tastes to try.”

Group Of Women Meeting In Cafe

–  Share with friends – new and old – how wonderful real loose leaf tea is compared to the “bag n’ a box” stuff sold at many local grocers.

–  Enjoy the many, many delicious “real” loose leaf tea choices available from all around the world in today’s fast growing premium loose leaf tea market place

–  Show your friends and guests how  loose leaf tea expands when hot water is poured over it, and compare it to the tea from “bags n’ boxes” tea most are more familiar with. The whole leaf tea literally sells itself once they see this simple little demonstration.

–  Talk about the growing popularity of tea as people are becoming wiser about the health benefits of this wonder drink that can be enjoyed hot or cold and still at just pennies per cup tea is truly a wiser choice.

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