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Tea Parties & Events

Tea Explorers

   If you want to do something fun and different with a bit of a flair for your next party or get together, give Our Home Tea a call for some ideas and some great tea. Maybe you would like to have an author reading for your book club, or some nice live background music, maybe a violinist, or an entertainer. Hey maybe you would like a juggler or a visit from an astronaut – cool but we can’t help you there!!! But hey, what about a crazy game of charades? Let your mind wonder – maybe over a nice cup of Chamomile –  and be as creative as you like. We are with you!!!

   Are you are looking for a bit bigger Tea Event. Give us a call and let us help out. We can provide assistance with planning, tea prizes, and gifts that will have your friends talking. You would be looked upon from now on as some kind of a party genius or miracle worker. O.K. maybe miracle worker is a bit much, but check us out and enjoy the Party!!! 1-877-Our-Tea9.

   Another great place to start is to join our Friends Tea ClubThis club is designed for folks who are going to be doing more than just one event, yet is not looking for a full time business like someone who invests in ourTea Business in a Box“.  As a member of the Friends Tea Club you get discounts of up to 30% on all Our Home Tea products, a pound of  teas – we will send you Eight of our standard 2 ounce packages of tea,  a free box of filters and we’ll drop ship to your future customers or clients – shipping charges still apply. Finally for anyone you sign up to the Friends Tea Club  you will get $10.00 for the referral.  You will also receive the support you need to make sure your party or event goes off well. You can pay for your membership

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