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Monthly Tea Club

Tea Explorers

How Tea Clubs Work 6 teas

Monthly Tea Club –  “Treats” every month!

A wonderful way to begin an exploration of wonderful teas from around the world. Each month TWO wonderful teas will be sent you to share with friends and family.  Enjoy truly delicious teas and explore the myriad of tastes and aroma’s available in the world of premium loose leaf tea!!! Have fun and start a “tea diary” and make your own comments on the teas you taste.  Call a friend and enjoy.

Join the Our Home Tea – Monthly Tea Club!   A simple, low cost and fun way to explore wonderful teas from around the world. Each month you will receive two Collage of chamomille and tea close up shootdifferent, delicious and unique, premium teas to enjoy.

Invite your friends, neighbors and/or family to join with you. Start a monthly “tea gathering” to play cards, board games, eat some treats, – Oh go ahead eat some more treats or just chat and enjoy.


Our Home Tea offers one of the best valued monthly tea clubs in the country. For just $14.95 per month – AND THAT INCLUDES SHIPPING!!! – you will have the opportunity to taste premium teas from the best tea growing area’s in the world.

To become a member of the tea club there are no secret handshakes to learn, contracts to sign or oaths to take. You can discontinue your membership at any time you wish but after a couple of months you will really start looking forward to the day when your Teas of the Month arrives!!! It’s like your birthday every month! Now go join the club and invite a friend as well!

How Tea Clubs Work


— Each month we will ship you wonderful loose leaf Teas. Yum.
— Your tea is shipped in the beginning of the month – almost always.
— Usual delivery time is 3 to 5 days after shipment.
— We will even pay for the shipping – If you live in the U.S.

Promotional Discounts do not apply to Monthly Tea Clubs, yes this is saddens us as well.

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