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Tony Gebely – World of Tea

Tea Explorers

Tony Gebely – World of Tea.

  – World of Tea is owned and operated by Tony Gebely. The idea was born during his travels throughout China in 2005, and developed as he backpacked Southeast Asia in 2008.

Tony met many tea farmers and became immersed in tea culture throughout China, Malaysia, Cambodia, India, Nepal, and Thailand. During his travels, Tony realized that these cultures appreciated tea for what it really is, tea free of flavors and additives.

Tony saw potential for such a tea culture in the United States. Not a culture built on the hysteria of market buzzwords, but an accessible culture built on authentic tea and tea preparation. Since 2009 Tony has been spreading the joy of tea culture in Chicago Illinois.


Tony Gebely could be a poster child for “Tea Explorer” – as a matter of fact that is why he is a “Featured Tea Explorer” along with others who are leading the way and giving us all great examples of learning by doing and then passing their knowledge to others.

As his bio reports Tony spent valuable time in wonderful tea growing regions learning about this wonderful plant – tea – from those who grow and process it. When he arrived back in “our world” here in the U.S. he started about creating value added by educating others about the diversity and wonders of loose leaf tea, doing that in part through “World of Tea” –

Another wonder of this Featured Explorer is his dedication to the tea plant in it’s purest form. Tony enjoy the Camillia Sinensis plant in it best form – and that is unadulterated by flavoring or additives.  Another of the many reasons Tony Gebely is a “Featured Tea Explorer.

Thanks Tony and all those promoting the product at World of Tea in Chicago in Chicago and congratulations!

Hans Wold –

Our Home Tea L.L.C.

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