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The Tea Stylist

Tea Explorers

Who is The Tea Stylist?            

Linda Gaylard is a Certified Tea Sommelier located in the city of Toronto, Canada.  She graduated from a comprehensive program of study developed by George Brown College in conjunction with The Tea Association of Canada. During her training, Linda experienced more that 350 hours of focused tastings and workshops as well as training in tea and food pairing, social history of tea and tea garden management.

The Tea Stylist is an ever-evolving weblog that provides readers – whether tea novices or enthusiasts, with knowledge of tea and its culture. You’ll also find engaging articles, reviews and photographs that illustrate tea’s influence on our world and highlight style’s intersection with tea, past and present.

Prior to her tea studies, Linda achieved renown as a wardrobe stylist and influencer within the fashion world.  Her experience provides a unique perspective for readers who are seeking a diverse approach to tea appreciation.  From tea’s noble past and courtly customs to innovative products and current news, The Tea Stylist makes a thorough examination of the universe of tea.


The Tea Stylist  and its creator and curator Linda Gaylard provides a perfect first choice for Our Home Tea L.L.C. “Featured Explorers”.  The Tea Stylist  is a blog site that feels a bit like a great “Virtual School of Tea” and the site is filled with great information written well and designed in a comfortable user friendly matter.

Linda sets a standard for presentation of the tea world for both the novice and the experienced tea explorers. She covers CuisineCultureHistoryDesign Style & Innovation Science and even touches on upcoming Events & Reviews.

Ms. Gaylard has an interesting if not unique perspective that can really only come from someone with as interesting and unique background as she does. A wardrobe stylist – imagine that!!!

I hope you will enjoy getting to know Linda Gaylard’s work at The Tea Stylist.

Thanks Linda,

Hans – Our Home Tea L.L.C.

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