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Eva Lynn Bishop – Tiara Tea Society

Tea Explorers

This month’s “Featured Tea Explorer” is rather unique as – unlike most of those featured – Eva Lynn Bishop and the Tiara Tea Society (which she co-founded with a friend Marie Firtik) are using the communal ritual of afternoon tea to bring together ommunity leaders and others to help young girls who have been visited upon by terrible tragedies.

I came upon Tiara Tea Society while doing some casual web surfing looking at tea related web sites and as Eva Lynn would say “Devine Intervention” stepped in. I sent a note to Eva Lynn regarding the good work she was doing and volunteered to assist her if I could.

We decided that we would create a line of teas specifically for the Tiara Tea Society. While chatting with Eva Lynn it became clear she was a very “special” Tea Explorer. The Tiara Tea Society has been helped children from the United States, Belarus, as well as Afghanistan, China and theDominican Republicand andd other places around the world.

Along with her work developing / leading the Tiara Tea Society Eva Lynn Bishop has performed on stage and became Director of Special Events for Opera Memphis. She soon became active in organizing the celebration of the 60th anniversary of Girls Inc., she worked with the Commission on Missing and Exploited Children, was Events Director for International Children’s Foundation. She currently sits on the Shelby County Foster Care Review Board and has been involved in a number of other organizations like The Josephine Circle, The English Speaking Union, The Cotton Carnival of Memphis, and there are still others!!!

This year the Tiara Tea Society is producing a slide show entitled “A Day in the Life of Keona Vaughn” who is a victim of Shaken Baby Syndrome. She has severe brain damage and many physical affects that come with such a tragedy. And Eva Lynn Bishops’ response – “We can help”.

I want to invite you to support the work of Eva Lynn and the Tiara Tea Society as they crown Keona on the 21st of this month. Please support this work any way you can by contacting the Tiara Tea Society at, or you can telephone at 901-219-3516 or 901-377-6065. You can also send support or questions via U.S. Mail to; PO Box 341-841 Bartlett, Tn. 38184.


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