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Featured Tea Explorers & Bloggers

Tea Explorers

Featured Tea Explorers & Bloggers

Featured Tea Explorers is the place reserved for those tea explorers which we feel deserve a unique place because of the standards they set.

Our Home Tea L.L.C. is a “Bigger Pie” organization – organized to expand the tea industry – with focus on educating others and providing wonderful teas and great venues to enjoy them.

Please visit and enjoy our Featured Explorers’ sites or places of business say hello, learn what you can, enjoy, and then come back!!!

Come back soon as Featured Explorers will begin to be posted in February 2013.

If you think an organization, person or event deserves Featured Explorers status please let us know.


Listed is Our Home Tea’s “Featured Explorers”.

Thank you for your contributions to the growth of a wonderful industry.



Linda Gaylard – The Tea Stylist


Tony Gebely – World of Tea


Eva Lynn Bishop – Tiara Tea Society


 Laura Porter 3

Laura Porter – From London

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