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What’s in Your “Tea Business in a Box”

Tea Explorers

Welcome to an open door – well, an open box! Let’s see what will be in Your “Tea Business in a Box”

If you want to become a “Tea Explorer” and enjoy wonderful teas from around the world, share with friends and make money, then you should join us at Our Home Tea.

In order for Our Home Tea L.L.C. to grow there needs to be knowledgeable, fun loving and money making, tea loving members all through out the organization.

When you commit to the tea business with Our Home Tea you are ensured to get the tools you need to be knowledgeable, have fun and make money. In fact, if you were to simply re-sell all the products you will receive you could easily pay for your “starter kit”.

“I want you to succeed and I promise I will help you to do that.”   – Hans Wold, Owner

The $250.00 fee to start is really to off set the cost of the kit and it is proven if you folks have a little “skin in the game” they will be a more focused.

Also, with the $100.00 bonuses for referrals you see how you can get your investment back quickly. You can even go into it with partners if you like. That is up to you. Just have fun with it and succeed!

When you become another of the growing list of  “expl0rers” at Our Home Tea you will be provide with a number of products and support to ensure your success:

“The Tea Business in a Box”   Get your Tea Business in a Box.

  • All the help you need to be successful.
  • Premium loose leaf teas from all over the world.
  • A step-by-step programmatic path to make success as easy as trying.
  • Everything from hosting a party to fundraising, to developing those repeat customers, and of course have fun while making money!!!
  • Tea Filters – Tea Infusers – A Personal Tea Pot – Tea Cup – Tea CanistersGroup Of Women Meeting In Cafe
  •  A cool Web Site which to steer you customers.
  • A direct number for you to contact support and get personal assistance.
  • Easy to do pre designed income earning programs and projects in folder for. Open the folder and follow the steps.
  • Templates for posters, flyers, hand-outs, tea paring charts, party ideas, group events, super human strength and the ability to read peoples minds – ok not really!!!
  • Ongoing personal instruction and assistance critical to ensure you get up and running;

 The Training guidelines are designed so that training can be modulated, and effective. Of course training is an ongoing process here as it is everywhere. We recommend becoming familiar with the materials in your Tea Business in a  Box once you recieve it, then go back and digest piece by piece and ask any don’t be afraid to ask any questions that pop up. Have fun, make money, and enjoy tea!!!

So the door is open, I hope you will walk through!!!    Get your Tea Business in a Box

   And now for more “small print” that our attorneys – if we had attorney’s would recommend we provide:  The claim that you will achieve super human strength and the ability to read peoples’ minds is in fact a joke and any claims of a distributor achieving super human strength and/or the ability to read peoples’ minds is not the responsibility or intention of Our Home Tea L.L.C. or it’s affiliates. Sometimes we all just need to take ourselves a lot less seriously.

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