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Step up your Tea Exploration

Tea Explorers

A Tea Business in a Box – Step up your Tea Exploration

Exploring Couple 1 Would you like to step up your “exploration” of teas from around the world with a Tea Business in a Box? Perhaps you want to develop friendships with fellow tea lovers in your community, around the nation or even around the world?  Perhaps you would just like to get great discounts on the tea and the tea products you purchase? Most of us have heard the old adage “getting in on the ground floor”, and that’s just where you’re standing right now – at the ground floor of an exciting and growing and industry. Even the big coffee stores like Starbucks are getting into the tea business because they too see the shift in the American taste palette.

  •  Americans are realizing the myriad of delicious taste choices available to them as consumers.
  • Evidence to the health benefits of tea continue to be reported.
  • The “Tea Business in a Box” is a great low cost business to start and grow.
  • You are the boss. We will guide you all the way but you run the business how you wish.

Do you want a little adventure in your tea exploration?Exlporing Couple Crouching

Is this the right opportunity?

The right time? 

The Our Home Tea business plan is designed to be fun, designed for a quick start with a small budget, designed so you can see success right away.  This is a real, you are supported but you are in charge business. Our Home Tea makes money selling tea not selling distributorships. The list of potential customers is very long:

  • Introduce premium tea to friends and family – a great way to start.
  • Promote “tea fundraising” programs to schools and other organizations
  • Show restaurants, shops and wellness centers the great price points available to them.
  •  Create tea game nights, or meet the others.
  • Monthly tea clubs ensure constant repeat sales.
  • Gosh host a “strip-teas” party if you are so moved.

This is a business that you will see grow steadily as you work the plan. This is a business about having fun and making money and sharing great products.

We are so confident that If you work the business/training model and after 90 days you do not see your business growing as you had expect, just return any products that are not opened or used and we will refund your initial investment (minus shipping and product – sorry we just want to make sure folks give it an honest go). Have you ever heard of start business that allows for you to change your mind after 3 months? Our Home Tea has certainly “opened the door” to a great opportunity.

Happy girl relaxing in the autumn park enjoying hot drinkIf you have a bit of an entrepreneurial flair and would love to share your joy of tea with others and make a business of it then this can be a great opportunity for you. 

The door is open, walk through, now go and order your Tea Business in a Box


At Our Home Tea L.L.C   we say we are “reintroducing tea to America…. Premium loose leaf tea. Your  goal is to spread the word and enjoyment 0f  “loose leaf” tea starting with friends and family. You will be amazed at how quickly your business will grow if you want it to.

We are looking for recruiters, distributors, leaders and people who want to assist in developing tea markets across the country.

If you would like to build a solid business with a product that is growing by leaps and bounds in this country and provide a delicious consumable – which means customers keep coming back again and again – then we would like to hear from you. You can start by purchasing your right now. In it you will find  all the information and products you need to start your own business. You will be contacted right away to set up your personalized training schedule. You can even get your initial investment back quickly by referring others to assist in seeing your business and expand even faster.

You get $100.00 cash every time you refer someone who purchases a “Tea Business in a Box”.Middle Age couple enjoy tea together

 It’s up to you!  Again, Our Home Tea L.L.C. is a small yet fun, and expanding  premium tea company. If you understand what it means to be first to a new opportunity –the proverbial ground floor.

“I would like to invite you to join the excitement and build something you will work hard at and be proud of.  If You wish you can call me direct!!! 612-385-0779, Skype; our-home-tea or email at:   – Hans Wold, Owner of Our Home Tea L.L.C.

Have Fun, Explore, Drink Tea!

Beautiful tea plantation with a winding road in Sri Lanka


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