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      “Reintroducing Americans to Tea… Premium Loose Leaf Teas”        

“I created Our Home Tea with two goals in mind. First, I wanted to create unique, fun and exciting environments for the exploration of Camellia Sinensis – most of us know this plant simply by the name “tea”.  Now herbals have also taken on the name tea and for our purposes here that is just fine!

I also wanted to build a company to be a small part in what I say is “Reintroducing Americans to Tea… Premium Loose leaf teas.” Unfortunately, most Americans grew up knowing tea as the “stuff” grandma might pull out from the back of the cupboard. These “bag-in-a-box” teas were nothing more than tiny pieces of tea leaves, usually very dry, never very tasty, leaving a film on one’s teeth and almost always leaving a bad impression of “tea”.

Today, Americans have available to them wonderful tasting teas from around the world. Whole leaf or loose leaf refers to actually using the entire leaf to brew in the cup. It provides for the true taste of the leaf. Like grapes from the vine, leaves from the tree bring forth very unique and varied tastes based on climate, weather conditions and the methods of processing.

I invite you to look through the web pages here and begin your exploration of this wonderful plant. I invite you, join with some good friends, enjoy some good tea, and have a good time!”

                      ~  Hans      


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